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The Natural High Performance Fiber for Everyday & Sports

Merino wool is a high-tech natural fiber that possesses exceptional natural properties. Wool is derived from merino sheep and, like all animal fibers and even human hair, the fibers of wool are composed of keratin, a fibrous protein. Merino wool is exceptionally fine and soft in comparison to conventional virgin wool. It is gentle on the skin and will not irritate it. Its ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool you down in the summer makes it an all-around performer.

For recreational explorers and sports enthusiasts on a daily basis e

We bring together what belongs together through Tom Fyfe and the associated online store, 100 years of textile expertise, hand-selected merino wool, certified European manufacturing facilities, a contemporary brand approach, and a sustainable overall concept. This results in merino performance clothing for men and women, couch potatoes and action junkies, sun worshippers and shade lovers, day trippers and year-round vacationers, late sleepers and early risers, and so on.

What direction is the journey taking?

Clothing made of merino wool is ideal for all seasons. While it acts as a cooling agent during the summer, it also provides soothing warmth during the winter. Additionally, it is extremely breathable and odor-resistant. Because merino wool fibers provide a pleasant wearing sensation, are gentle on the skin, and can be worn all year, there are virtually no limitations to the uses of merino wool shirts or socks. Whether it's a leisurely stroll after work, a city trip to one of the world's metropolises, a climbing tour or winter sports in the mountains, cycling to work, or simply because it's comfortable to wear: Tom Fyfe's collection balances functionality and comfort as a dependable everyday, sports, and travel companion.

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What’s inside?

At Tom Fyfe everything is about high quality and functional materials

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Where does it come from?

Our collection is european made. We have a long-standing and trusting relationship with almost all of our partners.

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