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Taking effect on skin, safety and style

Yarn needn't always be fashionable – but it has to be right. Besides clothing, our yarns can be found in a variety of other finished products such as upholstery materials, tablecloths, medical textiles and in the automotive industry. Regardless of the variety of purpose and colour, you can always count on one thing: we know what you need and develop the perfect product for you.

Yarns for knitting

Stock range Cotton/Polyacrylic 50/50 % (Ocean)  
Available box-wise in 100 colours (24 cones/approx. 32 kg per colour) only NM 30/2
Cotton/Polyacrylic 50/50 %  
Single yarns and blends with semi-dull or bright acrylic fibresfrom NM 28/2to NM 50/2
Cotton 100 % ring-spun, carded and combed  
Single yarnfrom NM 20to NM 60
Double yarnfrom NM 28to NM 50

Weaving yarns

Cotton – 100 % ring-spun  
Carded and combedfrom NM 17to NM 60
Fine yarns compact-spunfrom NM 68to NM 135
Even finer yarns by arrangement and application purpose  
Cotton – 100 % open-end  
Both single and double yarnsfrom NM 6to NM 50
Polyester/Cotton ring-spun and open end  
In various blends, both as single and double yarnfrom NM 20to NM 100
Open Endfrom NM 17to NM 50
Polyester – 100 %  
Ring-spun, both as single and double yarnfrom NM 20to NM 68
Open end, both as single and double yarnfrom NM 20to NM 40

… and many other yarns

for technical textiles for instance, and filament yarns in various materials, special fibres, vortex / air jet yarns on request.

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