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High quality workwear for men and women

Trends may come and go, but quality remains: Our workfashion inspires primarily retail companies that sell workwear for various industries. Regardless of whether it's a T-shirt, polo shirt, sweater, cardigan, cap or scarf - our workwear not only contains high-quality materials, but also a lot of know-how.

We permanently stock a diverse collection of high-quality, comfortable and durable workwear under the brand name texello - Corporate Fashion by TVU. Together with the texello Private Label we develop your individual collection, completely according to your wishes.

texello – Corporate Fashion by TVU

High-quality, cross-industry professional fashion that is available immediately? It appears to be too good to be true. However, explore texello! texello offers a diverse selection of functional and attractive workwear that will win you over. We developed the texello collection in collaboration with embroiderers, textile printers, and industrial customers to satisfy a variety of requirements. Our texello collection is at home anywhere there is a need for high-quality, comfortable clothes and a need for a uniformed, team-enhancing appearance:

  • production plants, workshops and offices
  • surgeries, law offices, service companies
  • teams, teams and clubs
  • organizations and communities
  • indoors or outdoors

Our stock program collection is exclusively available at authorized dealers, for more information please visit


texello – Private Labels

Are there any special requests? You' re welcome! We are growing TVU's successful workfashion area with texello Private Label. Everything is conceivable, whether it's your own design or unique details, individual cuts or colors that match your business brand. Workfashion encompasses knitwear, jersey, epaulettes, Velcro, patches, and piping. Additionally, because we operate under the motto "class not mass," we are able to deliver limited quantities (from 300 pieces).

Depending on your requirements, our experts will select yarns that are most suited to the application and will explain what is contained in our components and where they come from. Additionally, this skill provides you with a significant competitive advantage.

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Your personal contact will gladly guide you so that you never get lost in work fashion.

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Where does it come from?

Our collection is european made. We have a long-standing and trusting relationship with almost all of our partners.

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